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Helende meditaties

Empowering meditations



Om de wereldwijde transformatieprocessen die in deze tijd gaande zijn te ondersteunen, heb ik helende mediaties ontwikkeld. Ik nodig u uit om een of beiden onderdeel van uw dagelijkse, wekelijkse, maandelijkse meditatie of spirituele routine te maken opdat we met elkaar een golf van heling tewerkstelligen.


Geef de meditaties alstublieft aan iedereen door, waarvan u denkt dat zij mee kunnen en willen doen.

Blijf ze zo lang en zo vaak mogelijk doen als voor u goed voelt. Mentaliteit verandert niet in een dag. Het neemt veel tijd en aandacht.

Ik heb de meditaties in het Engels geschreven. Als dit voor u een bezwaar is, aarzal dan niet om contact met mij op te nenem.


In English

To support the worldwide transformation processes that are currently being acted out, I have developed healing and empowering meditations. I invite you join us and add one or both of them to your daily, weekly, monthly metitation or spiritual routine - or perhaps just once or twice-, so that together we create a wave of healing.


Please share this meditation with as many people as you think would and could join us.

You are very much invited to keep up the practice for as long as you wish and feel it is appropriate for you. Mentality doesn't change overnight and it takes a lot of time and energy.

I cannot thank you enough for joining us.


  • Establishing a Whale Sanctuary by Visualising an Island of Light
  • Creating a Revolution through Souls
  • Empowering rape victimes worldwide
  • Healing victims of concentration- and deathcamps and other excruciating circumstances

Establising a Whale Sanctuary


The International Whaling Commission (IWC) will convene in Slovenia on October the 24th – 28th. During that convention its members will vote – again – on establishing a third Whale Sanctuary.

When they are respected, Sanctuaries have proven to drastically increasing the chances for survival for endangered species. There are already two of them: the Southern Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. The third one will cover the Southern Atlantic, between Africa and South America. For more information, you can visit:

Many organisations and countries are trying to get as many votes as possible, both aye and nay. It will be touch and go, especially because a 75% majority is needed for the proposal to be accepted. I am not naïve and there is a lot to be said about the various organisations and countries, both positively and negatively, but I will not enter into that discussion, here. The focus here is on establishing the Sanctuary.


So, what can you do?

I will forego the obvious things, like supporting the work of Greenpeace, WWF, Sea Shepard, the DWC, etc., signing petitions and/or stating your opinion by writing to the governments of whaling counties, especially those that don’t respect the Sanctuaries. You probably are doing that already. What I want to ask you to do is something totally different.

During our meditations, a dear friend and I have been focussing our purest intention at the middle of the Southern Atlantic to establish this Sanctuary for whales and other sea inhabitants there, thus creating a sacred space.

We are asking you to add your heart to this sacred space by visualising an Island of Light. Please, don’t feel daunted by this, in truth it is very easy.


Visualising an Island of Light

During your moments of stillness, either by meditating, your walk through nature, looking out over the ocean or just when you’re happy, please focus your attention on your heart, the source of your Lightness, your Radiance, letting go of any unrest in whatever form.

Then, from your heart, connect with the Southern Atlantic. You may want to stop there for a while, because this can be quite an experience. When you are ready to move on, visualise an Island of Light in the middle of it. See if you can just let it become. If nothing happens, just keep at it. No effort is wasted, ever.

Once you have visualised your island and strengthened it, add your intention to the Light: to create this Sanctuary, to give endangered sea creatures a chance to survive and thrive again. Give it all the Light and Love you can muster from that radiant heart of yours.

When you become more familiar with it and your Island of Light becomes stronger, look around. What does it look like? Look beyond its borders and see what happens there. Are there any sea creatures? What are they doing? Are there any birds? What do you do, if anything?


I would like to ask you to keep at it, from now until at least well into November of this year, and beyond, if you feel like it, so that we generously cover the period before and after the voting on establishing of the Whale Sanctuary by the members of the IWC.


Please know that we are with many from all over the world. We are all adding our Light to the middle of the Southern Atlantic, creating this amazing field, this Island of Light, with our pure intention of establishing a Whale Sanctuary in the South Atlantic. This feels immensely sacred! I am deeply grateful for all that you do, for all your pure intentions!



Creating a Revolution through Souls


To all Light Workers all over the World


Transcending powerlessness

Yesterday worldwide people’s hearts were touched by the picture of Aylan Kurdi: a toddler laying motionless at the Turkish shoreline, with gentle waves of salty water washing over his dead body. He drowned, fleeing the Syrian war. Let’s hope that this is the picture, that creates the pivot point, where people say enough is enough and start to take action that in the end will resolve the refugee problem.

Yet, there is another part of this problem that still seems to be as impossible to address as the growing river of refugees: the conflict zones in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, with so many different parties, etc. etc. How can you reach those, the leaders, the military, the revolutionaries, the terrorists.


Revolution through Souls

I call onto you, Light workers all over the World, to help break the pattern of extreme violence and cruelty that is raging in many parts of the Middle East and Africa, by creating a Revolution through Souls.

Many of you will have worked with souls that remained stuck after their physical death and how to free them. I am asking you to take it one step further, by creating an invitation for them to help heal those still involved in the conflict where they came from. They are the only ones who can go there freely. They are the only ones who can connect with those who are part of the conflict and touch their heart. Wouldn’t it be something?



For those of you who haven’t done this work yet, allow yourself to fall back into your heart and soul, immersing yourself in Light and allowing souls to be drawn to It through your intention. I always call them by saying: Come and be healed! Souls, the same as us, want to be healed and will be drawn to your Light. Often all you need to do is remind them of their true Nature, that they are only Light, for them to become free again. Sometimes they need more from you. Don’t worry, allow yourself to sink even deeper, go beyond the obvious and your soul will know exactly what to do. When the healing is drawing to a close, the heavens open to receive the soul as soon as it is ready to cross over. It is truly amazing to be allowed to be part of this process.

When you feel comfortable with this process of healing souls, you can add the intention, the invitation to help heal those who are still within their physical body, still immersed in the conflict and thus become part of the solution.

I was amazed how naturally souls responded, turning around and leaving to do their bit. I am just one person, but together we can become part of the solution by creating a

Revolution through Souls


Thank you so much!

If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


September 2015




Empowering rape victims worldwide




Please join me in a meditation to help empower girls and women and boys and men that have been raped and/or sexually abused.


Slowly, ever so slowly, things are changing concerning the way worldwide women and girls are perceived mentally, emotionally and physically, including sexually. And slowly, ever so slowly, authorities are beginning to take rape and sexual abuse seriously for both women and men.


* In 2014 rape during wars (which is often used as a weapon to

disrupt society because of the taboo around it and the shunning

of the violated women) has finally been defined as a crime of war.

The perpetrators can now be brought to justice.

* Women go to the streets to protest against group rape and to call

on the authorities to take action. Men protest with them, in Turkey

not long ago in miniskirts, thus illustrating that women wearing

these do not ask for rape.

* More and more abuse of girls and boys by people in positions of

(spiritual) authority is surfacing and the perpetrators are called to



In order to add my support I have developed a short meditation that empowers rape victims, women and girls, men and boys, from within. That way their sense of self esteem and self respect is restored to them.


The meditations is easy, especially when you are familiar with visualisation or after a couple of practice runs and all you need is a bit of time, attention and respect for the natural boundaries of the persons involved. If done correctly, it is a very light practice because you are generating health and love and light. I think it works best if women support women and men support men.



Choose a moment during the day that you will not be disturbed for about a quarter of an hour, half an hour. Sit down and relax. Ground yourself, then focus on your breathing and allow all the tension of the day to just drop away.

When you're relaxed, focus your attention on a country (India, Kenya, South Africa, Netherlands, Syria, Britain, the America’s, etc. etc.) and open up your heart to a rape victim, a woman if you are a woman, a man if you are a man. Don't worry, your soul knows where to go and at one point you will feel a connection, a flow. When that is the case, be sure to not violate this person's space and sit with this soulful connection for a while. Then speak these three sentences from your heart, giving them all the love you can muster and as if you were really talking to them:


You are innocent.

You are unblemished.

You are whole.


Repeat the words as often as feels right. Keep your energy and the message pure, don't send any tension from your own life. If that happens, stop, relax and start anew when you are ready.

At one point you might notice a loss of energy, your attention dropping or a sense of doing something stupid. That usually is the sign it has been enough. Pull your attention back into the room where you are sitting. If necessary, move your feet, fingers, shoulders.


July 2013



Healing victims of WWII concentration- and deathcamps and other excrutiating circumstances



In 2010 I visited Westerbork, the transit camp from where all trains left to the concentration- and deathcamps in Germany and Poland. I had not expected this at all, but it became very emotional for me. In order to gave vent to all these emotions - grief, horror, unbelief - I started to chant a very gentle and soothing mantra. It totally changed the atmosphere. Any song will do that brings harmony and Light.


I have been named after my Jewish great aunt, who had married into our family. I knew her's had not survived the war and after my visit to Westerbork I was determined to find out what had happened with them. Within two weeks I knew: they had been rounded up during the razzia's in May 1943, taken to Westerbork and sent out to Sobibor. There, as so many others, they were gassed on arrival.

I began to connect with the place of this deathcamp and became aware of many souls still caught in the horror of their last days and death. Again I chanted this same mantra and many were released because of it. I expanded my gentle singing to the other camps, and to other places where long ago and recently people died under excruciating circumstances. It is still happening today.


However, there was one group that didn't respond and that were the children. So I searched for a song that would empower them from within, but I couldn't find it. So I opened myself to the universe and word for word, note for note a song fell down in me, I started to sing it to the children and slowly they turned and came towards me. Many of them were able to release themselves and cross over. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.


The lyrics

Sleep tight little girl, sleep tight dear boy of mine,

it's dark outside but in here the sun shines.

The monsters out there know they cannot enter here

for here, here your sun shines. For here, here your sun shines.


Be at ease dear girl, be at ease dear boy of mine,

it wasn't about what you have said or have done.

The monsters out there only know the fear they own

but not your radiant heart. Not your radiant heart.


Farewell, dear girl, farewell dear boy of mine,

thank you for the radiant light in your heart.

It's time to go, look, there in the distance

at that Light you're being waited for. At that Light you're being waited for.


If you want to know the melody, please contact me through e.meestenoever(ad)