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Ceremony Womanhood Celebration and Initiation


Dear Women!


In our society the transition from girl into woman is hardly celebrated, let alone that the girl is initiatied into womanhood.

When I mentioned this and my desire to create an initiation in a women's group, the predominant response was: Finally!


So I have developed the layout of a Womanhood Celebration and Initiation that can be done by anyone, from any faith and/or cultural background. You can tone it down (less Goddesses and elemental Mothers, for instance) or enhance it, according to your specific circumstances. It can be used for the initiation of girls, but also for women who have long passed their first menses, who want to claim their womanhood in retro-action.


It is for anyone to copy and use in your own social network or on a professional basis.



Before the actual Initiation, it is important to prepare yourself. If in any way possible, please do the following 6 practices prior to the Ceremony and explore whatever that brings up for you. Please take at least one week for each practice:

- focussing your attention on your womb

- focussing your attention on the life-supporting-quality of your


- grounding your womb

- Life is our initiator. If that is so, does that change your

experiences, good and not so good? If so, how?

- Create a Skirt of Shame and Light, externalising what you feel,

think, experience on your womanhood and take them with you to

the Ceremony

- what is Femenine, what is Masculine to you and how do you feel

about it? Please realise that they need each other to bring forth

LIfe in whatever shape or form. The masculine without the

Feminine is arid and hard, while the Feminine without the

Masculine is unstructured and powerless.


The Field of Womanhood


When I had connected with and focussed on my womb for quite some time, one morning after waking I felt this amazing connection with - what I can only call - the Field ofWomanhood. It is totally free, pure and untainted. There are no apologies, no shame, no excuses, no down-sizing. There is just a deep selfawareness of the value of the Sacred Feminine in relation to, adding to the Sacred Masculine.

If you can connect with that Field and lead your group of women there and bring it into the Initiation Ceremony, you would bring something of priceless value to the participants.


Part of this can be the esoteric aspect of Womanhood, that our body accomodates a body to grow inside of our womb which will be inhabited by consciousness, what we call a soul.

You can take this even further: all of Creation is alive. Watch the cycle of life and death: a body dies, when the soul that has inhabited it leaves. So a body receives it's life from the consciousness that inhabits it.

By the way, this means that all that is alive, all that can bring forth life - including our planet Earth - is inhabited by consciousness. Isn't this a mind-blowing concept?


Some guidelines

Describing the Ceremony, I have included all that I feel can be part of such a Ceremony. However, it is both a lot, perhaps too much for one go, and incomplete, because there is so much more you can bring in. So please, choose whatever feels right for you and the participants of your group and add anything to it that you feel strongly about.

Use whatever form of creativity in the Ceremony.


I have used the word ‘something’ in relation to how to build the altar, so as to give you the freedom to choose what feels appropriate for you and the participants in this Ceremony in which you Celebrate the transition of the girl into womanhood and Initiate her through your stories. Please, make the Ceremony a joined project with the participants, each an equal co-creator of it.


The only thing that is truly fixed is the opening and closing of the Celebration, inviting and releasing the Elemental Mothers (and Fathers) and the participants.

But other, nothing, not even the sequence, is fixed. You can change it according to your own insights and the ideas and needs of the participants.


Finally: as I said before, you can hold it with girls who have just started their womanhood through their first menses, or with women of any age in order to (re)claim and celebrate their womanhood in retro-action and adapt your Ceremony accordingly.

If you want to make it a more practical initiation, you can intuit a challenge for the young woman, either to do in advance of or during the Ceremony. If you feel stuck here, ask yourself: What would I have wanted as an initiation? Or ask the girl / young woman what she would want.


I hope this layout of a Womanhood Celebration and Initiation Ceremony will help you (re)claim your Femininity and allow you to comfortably settle down within it. I deeply hope you will all take this out into the world and initiate many girls who have entered womanhood through their first menses.

If you want to hold the Ceremony with me, you know how to reach me.


The Initation Ceremony


Body work

Always start with some form of body work. Make it fun so that the women will feel happy as well as relaxed by the time it is over. You can think of a short yoga practice, a guided massage of each other’s shoulders, tick with a twist (you’re free when someone else holds on to you, for instance, which plays on solidarity and help, instead of everybody for herself), other . . .


Building an Altar

Building an altar together. Be sure to include the five elemental Mothers of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and whatever the participants feel they want to bring to the altar.

To honour Womanhood, one should include in any way:

- something Sacred Feminine: something blood and cycle;

something moon; something sexuality; something conception:

opening to and receiving the Sacred Masculine; something

creation and nurturing new life within; something birth and

nurturing and feeding life until adulthood (and beyond).

Either all combined in one symbol or object or various symbols or


- something Sacred Masculine balancing the Sacred Feminine


The Ceremony

Starting the Ritual by calling in the Goddesses, the elemental Mothers, etc. explaining to them and the participants about the why and how of this Initiation Ceremony. The Goddesses and the Elemental Mothers witnessing us!

- Explanation of rules: no criticism, only witnessing, only

explanatory questions, acknowledgement, impact the other’s story

has on you!

- Sharing our stories on first blood, femininity, mother, sisters,

female friends, cycles, sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, motherhood

. . . Sharing our stories on the most beautiful thing about being a

woman . . ., the most disagreeable thing . . . Sharing our stories

on our biggest fears . . . Sharing our stories on men, society,

culture . . . Including the experiences of the practices of the last

five weeks . . . Other . . .

- Sisterhood: recognition, acknowledging, gaining from each other’s

expertise, strong points, etc. instead of jealousy, competition and


- Initiation: Are you, initiate, ready to step into the world of

Womanhood, of Sacred Femininity and claim it as your own?

Welcoming the initiate into the circle of Womanhood.

- Grounding and empowering: something to ceremonially empower,

welcome, ground, integrate the acceptance of womanhood and

the stories of the various participants, for instance, either/or:

- spraying with water,

- sip of blood wine or ceremonial water

- presents, hugs, bows, touching feet from participants

- dedicate to the Universe, the Goddesses, Mothers, the Healing

of the Earth

- other . . .


Taking it one step further, if you so feel inclined

- Womanhood: Choose one thing from the Ceremony to take into

your daily life.

- Masculinity: how does / can the Sacred Masculinity serve the

Sacred Femininity and vice versa?

- What is the masculine? What pleases and what resents you and

why? What is the feminine? What pleases and resents you and

why? How can you use that in your daily life to heal the

tremendous imbalanced we have created over the last 2000


- The Earth: share our strong connection with the Earth: giving and

nurturing life. Each month give back blood to the Earth. How do

we include our responsibility to recreate a healthy balanced



Closing and releasing the Goddesses and the elemental Mothers

Gratitude to the Elemental Mothers, the Goddesses, the Masculine, to all participants, and releasing it again.